Mahon China is an established investment manager and advisor based in mainland China.

The firm assists investors to realise value from stressed assets and nonperforming loans in China, and has managed private-equity funds since the early 90s.

Mahon China also helps foreign companies to enter and expand in the market, acquire assets, assess partners, and analyse the Chinese economy.

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About us

Mahon China is a partnership based in Beijing and operating throughout China.

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Mahon China was founded in 1985 by New Zealander David Mahon and was a pioneer of private equity in the mainland. The firm managed five funds which realised high returns for investors, and successfully exited from its fifth fund at the end of 2016.

Mahon China also restructures and exits assets, be they stalled funds, stressed equity investments, or nonperforming loans to Chinese companies.

For three decades Mahon China has advised multinationals and small/medium enterprises on their China strategies. The firm’s expertise includes China’s agriculture, food & beverage, specialised manufacturing and technology, and services sectors.

Meet the Mahon China team.

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Realising returns

Mahon China maximises value for investors as both an asset restructurer and private-equity manager.

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Stressed assets and nonperforming loans

Some private-equity China funds and foreign direct investments in Chinese companies established over the last ten years are now struggling to realise value. Through leveraging its experience and deep networks, Mahon China has assisted investors in a range of difficult situations.

In the last five years, Mahon China achieved exits from approximately 65% of the assets it managed. Mahon China also provides its clients with an informed, independent view when stressed assets have no further recoverable value and should be written off.

Our clients include limited partnership funds, international banks, and development finance institutions.

Scope of services:

• Managing distressed private-equity funds, by appointment of the fund’s limited partners

• Undertaking investigations and due diligence, buyer identification, and assisting investors and fund managers to stabilise investments

• Managing, restructuring, and exiting nonperforming loans and stressed equity positions held by international financial institutions

Funds management

Mahon China began managing private-equity China funds in 1992 as one of the country’s first fund managers. The firm has managed five funds totalling approximately USD 300 million, with investments made into 29 companies in sectors including agriculture, textiles, optical instruments, automotive parts, construction equipment, FMCG, and IT and telecommunication services.

Mahon China has consistently achieved high returns for its investors while fulfilling social and developmental responsibilities to investee regions. The investors have included development finance institutions, European and Asia-Pacific financial entities, and Chinese state-owned enterprises.

> Chang’an Automobile Group

> Lingyun Industrial Corporation Ltd

> Ningbo Tian’an (Group) Co. Ltd

> Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd

> ET Solar Group

> Shinho Food Co. Ltd

Corporate advisory

China remains an opaque and complex market.

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Mahon China draws from its hands-on experience in making and managing Chinese investments to assist companies and funds in developing and executing strategies, and to resolve client problems.

We offer:

• Boardroom advisory

• Tailored research into Chinese companies, sectors, and market trends for hedge funds and other investors

• Development of China market entry and expansion strategies

• Assessment and establishment of Chinese teams

• Identification of partners and due diligence

• Fundraising

> Mahon China has facilitated client investments in excess of USD 150 million in sectors ranging from agriculture and food & beverage to technology and services. We have assisted foreign companies to acquire land and other assets in major cities and remote rural areas.

> Mahon China played a key role as crisis advisor for Fonterra during the 2008 melamine incident.

> Mahon China successfully engaged in arbitration on three occasions on behalf of its foreign clients.

> Mahon China advised a Chinese city to identify international partners for its development project and has assisted Chinese companies to acquire assets globally.

Our team

Mahon China is headquartered in Beijing,

with offices inNingbo,

London and Auckland.

David Mahon

Executive Chairman

David provides strategic leadership for the team, from deal origination to negotiations with potential exit partners.




•撰写和出版“中国观察”,对中国政治和经济发展进行季度审查; 中国和国际新闻媒体的定期评论员


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Jessie Sui

Managing Partner

Jessie leads the Mahon China team and the firm’s investment and advisory practices.





•伯明翰大学文学士(商业); 巴斯大学理学硕士(会计与金融)

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Zhang Yike

Senior Partner

Yike leads Mahon China's engagement with Chinese officials and stakeholders, and is an experienced restructurer and manager of factories.


•拥有超过千名员工的大型国有企业管理经验11年,包括:北京第一,第7和第12橡胶工厂; 北京第一橡塑厂; 和北京环球橡胶厂


•担任Maqi Sporting Shoes的董事会主席,Furniture Origins Group Co.的总裁兼总经理,以及在美国上市的Hendrix Corporation的中国首席执行官

•代表Mahon China管理被投资公司并监督投资和并购交易

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Mei Xiaorong


Ms Mei manages Mahon China’s private equity funds business, is a core member of the investment practice, and handles legal and accounting compliance.






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Charlie Gao


Charlie is a core member of Mahon China’s investment and advisory practices. He is based in New Zealand and was formerly the firm’s managing partner.






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Wang Youlin

Investment Manager

Youlin is a core member of Mahon China's advisory and investment practices.

– 承担部门,行业和公司层面的研究和分析
– 对包括零售和专业制造在内的各个行业进行尽职调查
– 为国际公司提供中国扩张战略建议
– 支持领先国际金融科技和资产管理公司运营的管理项目

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Hugh Swire

Partner (UK and EU)

Hugh first worked for Mahon China in 1999 and rejoins the firm, based in London, following a decade with investment banks and funds across Asia.






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XY Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

XY ensures the accounting and tax compliance of Mahon China and its funds, and develops financial strategies to provide stability and improved efficiency.

•监督Mahon China管理的基金的会计合规情况




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Huang Jingjing

Investment Manager

Jingjing manages Mahon China’s third-party service providers, undertakes research, oversees project logistics and develops new business opportunities.






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Candy Wang

Investment Manager

Candy analyses the Chinese agriculture, food & beverage, and dairy sectors on behalf of Mahon China’s advisory clients.






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China Watch

Summer-Autumn 2016

Issue #113


Latest News

  • On 20 June 2019, an article by David Mahon on China-India trade dynamics was published in CaixinGlobal.
  • On 25 June 2019, an article by David Mahon on revisiting issues in the New Zealand China relationship published in New Zealand Herald.
  • On 22 May 2019, an article by David Mahon on China-US trade war was published in Caixin Global.
  • On 30 May 2019, David Mahon appeared on CGTN’s Global Business program to discuss the unfolding US-China trade dispute.

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